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Estas son 20 oraciones en pasado en el idioma ingles

1. I ran under the rain

2. We played baseball with the kids

3. She watched the new movie yesterday

4. He studied for the test

5. The dog slept all day

6. The baby cried a lot

7.  Maria got marry the last week

8. They sang karaoke on friday

9.  The girls trainned in the gym

10. My mom baked an Apple pie

11. Sean and Mike were at the concert last night

12.  I planted a seed in the garden

13.  My father sailed on the mediterranean sea

14.  She traveled to India alone

15.  He did an awesome job

16. I asked Mary a favor

17. Sally worked hard in the proyect

18.  The couple kissed in the street

19.  The teacher evaluated the students

20.  The wind blowed fast during the summer

11 3 11