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30 es bastante de cada una te dejo la que puedo.


He doesn't drink watershe

She doesn't have boyfriend 

The dog doesn't walkthe 

The cat doesn't like  water 

He doesn't have lunch at 5 o clock.

He doesn't give first aid lesson to children.

She doesn't watch TV in the afternoon.

She doesn't go shopping at weekend.

Jim doesn't study in the evening.

Juan doesn"t want milk.

Hernán doesn’t plays basketball in the afternoon.

Jorge doesn’t  goes to bed at 9 o’clock

Donovan doesn’t the dishes in the morning.

Alejandro doesn’t goes shopping.

Carlos doesn’t plays cards on Mondays.


I won’t use anybody to help me

I won’t try to get somebody for get some help

I won’t go to your house today because my mom is not here

I won’t watch TV until I finish my homework

I won’t hit punish my dog because is too little

I won’t say anybody about your secret

I won’t show you how to do this work

I won’t be ready if you keep me in this room cleaning your stuffs

I won’t be badly thankful for your help

I won’t forget say thanks for this help

I wont be able to go with you to the mall 

The people wont give up unless they get what they want 

She wont answer you beacause she is angry 

I`m starting to think that he wont come