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1) I don't like that color.
2) I don´t like my pet

3) I don´t like my parents.

4) I don´t visit my parents. 

5) I don´t visit my house.

6) I don´t like parrots

7) I don´t see my computer.

8) I don´t play basketball.

9) I don´t ride the book.

10) I don´t buy a car.


1) She doesn´t 
wearing your shirt.

2) She doesn't like ice cream.

3) He doesn't like dogs.

4) Mair doen´t like cats.

5) She
 doesn´t visit my house.
) She doesn´t like parrots

7) He doesn´t see my computer.

8) She doesn´t play basketball.

9) He doesn´t ride the book.

10) She doesn´t buy a car.


1) I 
won´t do that.

2) I won´t at the park.

3) I 
won´t do that.

I won´t buy some sugar right now.

5) I won´t help you with your homework because you are smart.

6) I won´t be able to study English.

7) I won´t give you ten dollars.

8) I won´t pay you because you lost your bet.

9) S
he won't tell you how to do it.

10) They won't go to china this year