Hello Susan,

I'm writing you to invite you for the trip organized by my parents. We're going to the mountains to take some rest. We're going to spend there 2 days. We'll be sleeping in the tent! Would you like to go with us? My parents can also call yours to talk about it, it you're fine with the idea! Please, write me back asap!




The plan:

1st day:

9.00 the start of the trip. The journey by train.

12.00 lunch

13.00 walk through the mountain

around 17 getting to the top of the mountain!

18.00 some tea, sandwiches

21.00 camp, preparations for sleep


2nd day:

9.00 the breakfast

10.00 we go down to the town called Stonetown

12.00 museum in the town

13.00 lunch!

15.00 the train back

19.00 we're back home