Te referis a verbos regulares e irregulares no? 

verbos regulares 
oracion 1: 
Presente : I play the guitar sometimes 
pasado: I played the guitar yesterday 
futuro: I'll play the guitar tomorrow 

Oracion 2: 
presente: She walks to school every day 
pasado: She walked to school las week 
futuro: She will walk to school tomorrow 

oracion 3: 
presente: I always dream with you 
pasado: I dreamed with you the other day 
futuro: I will dream with you 

oracion 4: 
presente: The students don't want to study 
Pasado: The students didn't want to study 
futuro : the students won't study 

oracion 5: 
presente: He does't wash the dishes every day 
pasado: He didn't wash the dishes yesterday 
futuro: He won't wash the dishes this night.