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1) The Leonardo was painted by Leonardo Da Vinci.
2) The statue was built by french.
3) The bread is made by the baker.
4) A country is governed by a Lima.
5) Elisa was compoused by Bethoven.
I was fired.
My company was established in 1987
My brother was injured at her acident
I think the movie will be put in theatres soon 
10) I have been told that it's illegal
11) Surely, this bill will be rejected by the senators 
12) Some parts of this book were originally written in English 
13) This article is being sold at USD700! 
14) It seems I will be sent to Africa 
15) This answer will be awarded by you 
The landscapes in this room have been painted by Constable
17) The sculpture has been moved to the library
18) This wooden chair has been made the next week
19) The car has been broken in the middle of the road
20) The house has been built by the architests