last Sunday Sarah lest her coy key first
she searched in the garden it wasn't there then she opened the mailbox. it wasn't in the mailbox then she went to the kitchen and cocined nothing then she checked the kitchen cabinet and saw inside but it wasn't there after that, she searched under the desk and she looked for the rug but it wasn't anywhere next, she looked under the chair and the key wasn't there it was she found it in the jacket pocked 
I was just arriving home from work when the telephone rang. While I was walking to the dining room, where I left the telephone in the morning, I was thinking that perhaps something disagreable was happening. But what?...I answered with some fear:- Hello!.... A rough voice asked if I were Jerry Collins. -Yes, sir-- answered me. - Well, Mr. Jerry, I'm two miles from your home now. I'm a policeman. Sorry, Jerry, but I was driving to Denver and suddenly a dog came directly to my car and I couldn't avoid to crash it. A woman who was standing near the place of the accident came to me and told that this animal is yours.-Oh, no!- claimed I almost without voice- My dear Melvin!- And in a whisper I asked- Is it breathing. - Yes, man! Don't worry! It was lying on the route and I called the vet. 
The dog was carried in a hurry to the vet clinic where it was recieving the best attention when I decided calling you. You both have been lucky. 
While I was hearing the policeman, life seemed to get back to me. I get on my car and while I was driving to the clinic was giving thanks to Go, because my beloved Melvin was alive.
no me sirve gracias necesito una que tenga un poco de los 2 de 15 lineas :(