1. If anyone phones, tell them I'll be back at 10. 
2. If you really want to learn Italian, you need to spend more time studying. 
3. if i had known hoy diffucult was the job, I wouldnt' have taken it. 
4. If we had travelled together, we would have saved money. 
5. If we were to have a chance of success, we would be able to espand the bussines. 
6. If I lived out of town, I could take up gardening. 
7. If I made the wrong decision then I apologise. 
8- What would you do if you won the lottery? 
9- If Bob wasn't so lazy, he would have passed the exam easily. 
10- If I go to Buenos Aires, I'll travel by bus... 

y con will

I will go to school - Yo ire a la escuela 
I will make homework - Yo hare mi tarea 
I will play soccer - Yo jugare soccer 
I will go to the movies - Yo ire al cine 
She will play with dolls - Ella jugara con muñecas 
He will have a girlfriend - El tendra novia 
We will go to Mexico - Nosotros iremos a México 
They will paint their house - Ellos pintaran su casa 
You will wash your car - Tu lavaras tu carro 
He will cook dinner - El cocinara la cena 
nos si te sirva =)