Pasado continuo :
I was killing mosquitos last night. 
They were eating bananas for breakfast. 
Mario and Ana were dancing all night.
She was loving you. 
We were working overtime. 
You were cooking meat and potatoes for lunch. 
Santiago was running in a marathon. 
Mary was sleeping all day 
I was walking two miles last week 
Anita and Laurita were playing at the park. 
you are going to be a teacher
I am writing a letter
I am listening to the radio
my dog is eating some meat
your mother are cooking in the kitchen
some people are singing loud
she is eating fast food
my brother is studying in his room
john is crying alone.
my cat is sleeping in my bed
my father is working in an office
everybody is playing in the park
the boys are asking some milk
the girls are dancing in the night club
I am watching TV