Hola Nesecito Un Dialogo para antes de este jueves 17-10-13 por favor que sea corto y facil de aprender doy 5 estrellas al que me ayude

Hey there!
oh, hey!
What are you up to?
Nothing really, just watching tv.
you're pretty lazy.
Hey, it's rainning, what else am i supposed to do?
You know, there are things we call umbrellas.
Are you implying something?
and... i have 2 of them.
Are you asking me out? seriously?
any problem with that?
Cool, then let's go to the movies!
Sure, sounds great!
oh, Hola!
que andas haciendo?
nada en realidad, solo viendo tele.
eres bastante perezosa
oye, está lloviendo, que otra cosa podria hacer acaso?
sabes, hay cosas que se llaman sombrillas.
en que estas pensando?
y ..... tengo 2 de ellas
me estas invitando a salir? en serio?
algun problema? / supone algun problema eso para ti?
emmm... pues no.
bien! entonces vayamos a cine!
claro! suena genial
alez0928 tu dialogo no me sirve de mucho ya que ese dialogo yo lo vi y no me sirve


¡La mejor respuesta!
Amber: i've never been to a second-hand clothing store.
Sergio: oh, you can get great bargains. i got this jacket here.
Amber: you did? what's it made of? is it leather?
Sergio: yes. it was cheap, too. do you like it?
Amber: i do. this jacket is in good shape. are the clothes checked before they're displayed and sold?
Sergio: yes, they are. then they're sorted and cleaned
Amber: oh, look. they sell Fairtrado chocolate, too. that means the workers are given a fair wage
Sergio: and the store's profits are donated to charity
Amber: cool. maybe i could apply fot a job here
Sergio: the workers arent't paid, you know. the shops's run by volunteers. but you colud be a volunteer!
espero te sea de gran ayuda
gracias me sirvio de mucho