¿Podrian responder las siguientes preguntas en ingles? de la manera que ustedes quieran: no importan los nombres las comidas, las actividades, etc..
1-What do you do in the morning?
2-What are you doing now?
3-Where does your brother live?
4-Does you father work in Alur? (Alur es una empresa)
5-How often do you visit your friends?
6-What time do you usually have lunch?
7-How often does your mother go shopping?
8-When is your brother going to study for the English test?
9-What does your mother do at night?
10-Do you have P.E class on monday?
11-What do you usually have for breakfast?
12-How many hours do you study on saturday?
13-Who are you going to go to school with?
14-What do you like wearning?
15-What does your mother love doing?
16-How do you go to school?
17-Are you friends playing video games now?
18-Where is your Geography teacher going now?
19-What time is José going to get up tomorrow?
20-Are you eating vegetables?
21-hoe often do your classmates speak English?
22-Is your English teacher writing on the board?
23-Who is Pamela havig dinner with?



1- I take a shower
2- I'm answering this question
3- He lives in South Africa
4- No, he doesn't
5- Twice a week
6- At 1:00pm
7- Every weekend
8- On Monday
9- She watches the news
10- Cereal with milk
12- I don't study on Saturday
13- I'm going to go with my little sister
14- I like wearing shorts and T-shirts
15- She loves hanging out with our family
16- I go by car
17- Yes, they are
18- He's going to the cafeteria
19- He's going to get up at 10:00am
20- No, I'm not
21- They speak English everyday
22- No, he isn't
23- She's having dinner with her boyfriend