1) Answer. Use SINCE and FOR

a- How long have you lived the same house or flat?
b- How long have you had your mobile phone?
c- How long have you had the same haircut?
d- How long have your parents been married?
e- How long has your mother prepared breackfast for you?
f- How long have you had English for December and February?
g- Has your best friend ever hit you?
h- Ho long have you been in the school?
i- How long have you had those trainers?
j- Has your father ever been drunk?
k- Have your family ever fought in Christmas?

i have lived in this house since 2003.
i have had my mobile phone since I was 13 years old
i have had the same hair cut for three months
my parents have been married since 2000
my mother has prepared breakfast for me since i was a child


Since I was three years old
for two years
for two months
for thirty two years
since I born, now I make my own breakfast
for four weeks
no, he hasn't
Since I was three
for one week
yes he hasn't
yes they have
( me kas he inventado pero estan.bien)