Futuro simple
I will study the lesson. Yo estudiaré la lección.
He will travel to London. Él viajará a Londres.
They will buy a new car. Ellos comprarán un nuevo auto.
I will dance. Yo bailaré.
She will (wont) not buy a house. Ella no conseguirá una casa.  

pasado simple 
1.You noticed Julia's new dress. Tú contaste el nuevo vestido de Julio.
2.You missed me last week. Tú me perdiste la semana pasada.
3.They arrived this morning. Ellos llegaron esta mañana.
4.She used the correct word. Ella usó la palabra correcta.
5.We waited for you after class. Nosotros te esperamos después de clase.
pasado I went to a rock concert last night
You were a great student in highschool
My dad ate my applepay
Erika didn't like you didn't call her back
Mary was sick for two weeks
He's going to learn italian
I will be for you forever
They will go to a Mexican beach on august
I won't be your friend anymore
She will have a math quiz next monday