me podrian ayudar por favor se ls agradeceria mucho

complete the sentences with a preposition(in,at,or on)or(-) no preposition

we went to china________2005

i start work__________9:00

i called you _____________five minutes ago

what did you do___________last night?

i relax____the weekend

i started going out with alice____six months ago

we saw james_______ wednesday

i bougth a car______last year



Me puedes ayudar con mi pregunta porfavor ayuda
¡La mejor respuesta!

hola espero y asi te sirvan(: 
i went to china on 2005
i start work at 9:00
i called you at  five minutes ago
 what did you do on last night ? 
i relax in the weekend
 i start going out with alice on six months ago 
we saw james on wednesday 
i bought a car at last year