¡La mejor respuesta!
1. I recommend going to the museum.
2. I suggest visiting you mom.
3. She should apologize for breaking the window.
4. We're having breakfast.
5. He made a lot of friends by joining the club.
6. We watched a film about climbing.
7. He admitted cheating on the exam.
8. I really enjoyed winning the match.
9. I can't stand looking for my keys all day.
10. I prefer singing alone.
11. I love swimming.
12. I hate liars.
13. I like cooking a lot.
14. I'm trying to get fit.
15. He stopped runing.
16. Climbing is safer than it looks.
17. I began running every day.
18. I regret falling asleep yesterday.
19. I admitted breaking the rules.
20. We considered inviting him to the party.
21. We talked about dating each other.
22. He dinied taking medication.
23. She avoid going late.
24. They enjoyed getting togeter.
25. I suggest paying tennis.
26. I didn'r remember meeting her.
27. We imagine paiting our house.
28. I love spending time with him
29. I hate being rude.
30. I keep calling her.

1. I want to eat ice cream.
2. I prefer to watch television.
3. I went to visit her.
4. I  promise to go with you.
5. We begin to believe.
6. They  agreed to meet after worknig.
7. He expect to be early.
8. She hope to travel abroad.
9. She expect the train to be early.
10. I teach him to drive.
11.  He invited me to the party.
12. It seems to be true.
13. She expected to win the race.
14. The money enabled him to go to school.
15.  I persuaded her to tell me the truth.
16.  I remembered to swim.
17. Nadal means to win.
18. Carla seems to be blue.
19. They promised me to come.
20. I'd like to go with you.
21. He talked to you yesterday.
22. We decided to leave school.
23. I advise you to ask for help.
24. My mom allowed me to go out.
25. I studied hard in order to pass.
26. I wanted to buy a car.
27.He agreed to buy a horse.
28. He tell her to come.
29. I reminded yo to bring your mobile.
30.  I didn't force you to enter there.