¡La mejor respuesta!
I made a chocolate cake for you!
i took a walk in the morning!
he wrote a tale about love
she swam all night long
they met me before you
you broke my window with a stone
we went to a concert last week
she tried to jump across the windows
he read a book but he's not clever
she never gave me back my stuffs
i thought you didn't like rock
i lost my wallet at the mall
she traveled through the whole country just to see her son
he crashed his car against a bus
i saw you walking at 6 o'clock
she called me yesterday at night
he asked her out and she said no!
they married 10 years ago
i liked you when we both were kidsI ate at my house
my sister ate my food
Peter played in the park 
Luis made the task 
kike formed a group 
I played ball 
antonio tore a tulip 
Master reprobate all 
the children had fun 
Gabriel worked 
July kissed a person 
antonio stepped on an insect
luis prayed in the church
Peter accepted an invitation
juan did act
luis added sugar to your milk
Charles admitted his mistake
angel agreed not lie
ricardo allowed to play
luis announced the end of the year
carlos angered his mother
antonio consider the question
luis folded sheet
I broke the vase
my mother cried at night
I think my dad's time machine
my parents yesterday discussed
luis drew a heart
antonio dreamed of a dog
angel entered the home
Luis won a nobel prizeI'm in the shop, between the trees
you cut the meet
they speak with them
this bus is red
I'm in the train
Yesterday I went io the beach
I ate potatos with tomato
she made 21 goals
they was an animal
you was playing in the school

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No porque es escrito