ANNA:Hi José! how are you? 
JOSE:fine, tank you, and you Ana? 
A:fine too.
A:What did you go yesterday?
J:I went to a party.
A: ohh! and what did you do there?
J: I ate a delicious beef and I drank many beers.
A:So! you just went to drink?
J:mmm yea jeje! , no, I also played football and then I talked with my friends all night.
A:wow! It was very fun!
J: were you eating pizza last night?
A: Yes, I was. It wasn't bad...
J: Did you eat a lot that night?
A:Yes, I did! I saw TV while I was eating food.
J: And what did you do the next morning?
A: I got dressed for go to my grandmother's house
J: Huh... That's nice. Did you talk to her?
A: No, I wasn't. She was playing with her cat.
J: I think that she wasn't playing with her cat, she was cooking cakes because she likes cooking it.
A: Huh... I didn't know it!