How many

How many oranges are there? ¿Cuántas naranjas hay? 
How many windows are there? ¿Cuántas ventanas hay? 
How many eggs are there?
How many apples are there? 
How many sinks are in the bathroom?
How many chairs do we need?
How many children are in the class?
“How many do we have?”
How many gold coins then?
¿How many languages can you speak ?

How Much

How much time is there? ¿Cuánto tiempo hay? 
How much water are you drinking?
How much petrol do we need?
How much milk is there in chocolate?
“How much do we have?”
How much milk is there ?
How much water is there? 
How much peas does she eat? 
How much lentils does she eat?
How much vegetables does she eat?