I will eat again
*My mom will buy me a car
*Tomorrow I will go to hunt
*I will study tomorrow.
*After the game we will go for some snacks.
*Next month he will go to Europe.
*Some of them will be sick next day.
*We will do the home work in groups
*After the game we will go for some snacks.
*You will go to my home next saturday
I will go to visit my parents
I will buy a car this Saturday
I will take my mother to the
I will take a shower after my soccer game
I will use internet to get somebody to do my homework
I will do my homework instead make somebody do it for me
I will say my teacher that I did this greats senses
I will get an A for this homework
I will be the first in my English course
I will say thanks to you for help me

going to
I am going to eat
I am going to sleep
She is doing to swim
he is going to run
They are going to cook
I am going to the park
I am going to the school
she is going to the cinema
they are going to study
He is going to work
She is going to the mall
I am going to wash my clothes
They are going to chat
The dog is going to jump
I am going to clean the house
I am going to call my mother
She is going to see her boyfriend
He is going to cry
I am going to wacht TV
I am going to use the computer
She is going to Miami
They are going to dance
I am going to wash the car
they are going to fight
he is going to ask a question to the teacher