My lifestyle is rap, 
My move is rap, 
My beloved is rap, 
Because then what song based rap, 
Pa cousins who also learn a little rap, 
Shouldn'tI encerrarme only in rap, 
I live far styles of rap, 
Pa rap that rap is real and not just a cheap copy of rap. 
Rap style, 
Most rap style, 
Because rap for me is increasingly rap and rap for you is bullshit rap, 
Because they were never born knowing rap, 
You start learning rap, 
Most rap because rap is equal to two raps, 
Because I fardar but only rap, 
Not took blood in the veins I carry rap. 
I injected overdose rap, 
The virus was rap, and the antidote is rap, 
My head just think of rap, 
Hip-hop is not the same as rap, 
Rap is my rap silenced, 
The pieces of the puzzle fit, 
Petar the instrumental, 
And not even vary with rap, 
It is not a matter of age, 
That really nail these letters back, 
My rap this perhaps will want to try dialing a rap record, 
Because I still think I live pa rap, 
Rapear is what mio point remains my rap, 
With a rate of Soma bestial nail in the rap bit, 
What I especially 
Bonus track, 
A crack, 
A plaque trapping, 
I just nacre with glasses and champagne which pulls the scourge plates and traps, 
That cap your letters attacking rap, 
And nor do I see, 
And nor do I feel, 
This is the rap that your old do not understand, 
Vente come to see my Tetris Rap see if really comprehend, 
Hallowed be myself in the rhythm and I resuelvo logarithms, 
I invite you and I repeat this hidden track, 
Adolido my rap, 
Keeps you addicted, 
My rap is written, 
You fucks that you can and also with your clones, 
Learning from mistakes 
You run true? 
The age I do not care, 
This is just rap.