-Que es un articulo in definido al escribir en ingles (A-AN) 10 ejemplos y como se utilizan
-articulo definido al escribier en ingles (THE) como se utiliza 10 ejemplos
-que son los sustantivos en ingles(nouns) 10 ejemplos
-the alphabet( para que se utiliza)
porfabor me urge es para mañana.



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1. An apple.
2. A bullet.
3. An owl.
4. A cow.
5. A bike.
6. An old jean.
7. An incorrect answer.
8. A coat.
9. A dirty tie.
10. An excellent job.
Se usa "a" cuando la palabra empieza con una consonante y "an" cuando empieza con una vocal.

1. The forest was cut down
2. The people made a lot of noise
3. One of the best articles was written by him
4.He was the most handsome guy
5. The first day we met, he was shy
6. The majority of people prefer to watch TV
7. Tha Sahara desert is in Africa
8. She is the only one that can help you
9. Look for the truth
10. The pencil is broken.

Nouns :
1. Information
2. enterprise
3. building
4. girl
5. boy
6. radio
7. helmet
8. car
9. ambulance
10. fire fighter.

The noun is a word that refers to a person, , a place or a thing, a quality or an activity. 

The Alphabet is a set of letters or symbols in a fixed order used for writing a language
El Alfabeto es un conjunto de letras o simbolos usados para escribir en un lenguaje.