I've got a house in Lleida. It isn't big but it's good. I live in a 4th. My principal door is a big mirror, we go to the elevator, and we get home.
When we get in, the first thing we see is a mirror and a lamp. We turn right and we arrive to my bedroom. It's the best room of the house, cause i feel free. It's a big room and it is light always, because it has a big window. I have two curtains, one black, and the other white. In the middle is a grey carpet, and two more in the sides of the beds. The left bed is mine, the right one is my sister's bed. My chest of drawers is little, but it has a lot of drawers. It is always untidy. On the chest of drawers, there are a computer, books, a metal lamp and pencils. In front of it ther is a wardrobe with my sister's and mine clothes. If we get out of my bedroom and we turn left, we in to the living room, with a big television and a sofa for five persons. Then, there is the dinining room, it's so big. It has a table in the center with six chairs. In front of that, there is a piano with some photos of my sister and me. It has two big windows leading to the balcony. There I can see my institute. In front of the dining room we've got the bathroom with another mirror, a sink, a WC and a big bath. When we get off the bathroom, you can see my parents bedroom, with a boudoir with big drawers, and two bedside tables with a lamp in the two sides of the bed. In front of the bed, they've a big wardrobe, and next to it, there is a chair. Out of this room, in the right there is a dispatch, where my mum works. She has two computers and papers. we go straight and we arrive to the kitchen, a big kitchen, with a big table and cabinets everywhere, also there is a transparent door wich brings us to the gallery, with a washer.
My house is a quiet place, funny and friendly. I hope that you like it.
My room is very large with two beds and a huge closet where I keep my clothes. It also has two very soft carpets why I love going barefoot. In the background, there is a desk where you study and do my homework, plus a computer that I consult things and play when I'm bored. I have a device I plug of music and I love to lie in bed relaxed with. I love my room!