If I study, I will pass the exam
If I don't study, I will fail the exam
If I study, Will I pass the exam?

*If you eat, you will be healthy
If you don't eat, you will not be healthy
If you don't eat, will you be healthy?

*If she marries him, she will be happy
If she doesn't marry him, she won't be happy
If she marries him, will she be happy?

*If I call you, You will come
If I don't call you, you won't come
If I call you, will you come?

*If we are late, we will miss the bus
If we are not late, we won't miss the bus
If we are late, will we miss the bus?

*If they have a baby, they will buy a lot of toys
If they don't have a girl, they will not buy a lot of toys
If they have a haby, will they buy a lot of toys?

*If he plays soccer, he will get tons of girls
If he doesn't play soccer, he won't get tons of girls
If he plays soccer, will he get tons of girls?

*If I paint my house, it will look pretty
If I don't paint my house, it won't look pretty
If I pay my house, will it look pretty?

*If I buy that dog, it will be spoiled
If I don't buy that dog, it won't be spoiled
If i buy that dog, will it be spoiled?
She won't be angry if you tell her the truth.
If I don't see you later, I will see you on Friday.
You won't have time if you don't start now.
If you tell me your secret, I won't tell anybody.
If I don't write it down, I won't remember it.
f we have time,we´ll do some shopping at the supermarket
-i might go out tonight if there´s nothing good on tv
-unless we stop polluting our town,tourist won´t come here any more
-unless the teacher explains,we won´t know what to do
-james won´t know if you don´t tell him
-i´ll give you some of my chocolate if unless you give me some ice cream
-you won´t pass your exams if you don´t work hard
-if i fail the exam,i´ll take it again
If my dad gives me a new car, I'll be really happy.
If Mark doesn't come to my party, I'll be very sad.
If Susan forgets John's birthday, he'll be angry.
If Lizzie buys a chocolate, she'll share it with me.
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