¡La mejor respuesta!

Henry went to his grandparents home last spring holidays.He knew he was going to have a great time there in the middle of the wood, where he could do all what wanted plenty of liberty.
He felt happy because he didn't go there for two years and was anxious for doing things he never did in the city. He bought appropiate clothes to wear in that vacances.

He got up early in the morning everyday and after took a shower. Later he had a delicious breakfast prepared by grandmom Mary. He drunk a big cup of fresh milk with toast and marmalade and an apple or an orange. He ate all rapidly and then ran to the wood looking for some animals, caverns and strange stones. He sang constanly showing his happiness. Sometimes he found eatable mushrooms and flowers and gave them as a gift to his grandmom. Frecquently, he rode on Fried, his grandfather Jim's horse and went very far during hours.
One sad day, he saw a car approaching to the house. - Oh, no!, said Henry. My parents came to
carry me home! My holidays are finished so early!!!!