1) if jack gets good marks in maths, he will study engineering at university.
2) we might go for a walk later if the weather improves.
3) if travel to england this year, will you come and visit me?
4) if you go to the concert, you jmust take me.
5) if you dont study, you will fail on your exams.
6) you must take the jacket, if you dont want to get ill.
7) if you go to south-east asia, take malaria tablets.
8) if it rains tomowrrow what will you do?
9) if he is busy, i will come tomowrrow.
10) if i have time, i will come to your home.
11) if it is to much hot i will go to the beach. 
12) if he call you, you can call her later.
13) if you dont hurry, we will miss the train.
14) if you drink too much you will get drunk.
15) if you tell me the truth, i will trust you.

1.- I am writing a letter for my girlfriend - estoy escribiendo una carta para mi enamorada

2.- She is fighting with my sister - ella esta peleando con mi hermana.

3.- He is eating my chocolates - el se esta comiendo mis chocolates

4.- Maria is playing my guitar - Maria esta tocando mi guitarra.

5.- The dog is playing with the cat - el perro esta jugando con el gato.

6.- My dad is watching tv - mi papa esta viendo la tele.

7.- My mom is cooking dinner - Mi mama esta concinando la cena.

8.- Pedro is reading a book - Pedro esta leyendo un libro

9.- Tom is kissing his girlfriend - Tom esta besando a su enamorada

10.- My brother is talking to his couch - Mi hermano esta hablando con su entrenador.

11.- Karla is eating an icecream - karla esta comiendo un helado.

12.- they are bothering my girlfriend - ellos estan molestando a mi enamorada

13.- We are fishing every sunday - Nosotros estamos pescando cada domingo

14.- I am calling her mother - Estoy llamando a su mama

15.- Marta is crying for her boyfriend - Marta easta llorando por su enamorado