Como puedo cambiar oraciones en ingles a tiemppo pasado
por ejemplo:
They bought some chocolates last month.
a. They didn´t bought some chocolates last month
b. ¿did they some chocolates last month?

2. He needed to buy flowers to his wife.
a. He didn´t to buy flowers to his wife
b. ¿did he to buy flowers to his wife?

3. His parents moved to another store 2 hours ago.
a. His didn´t to another store 2 hours ago
b. ¿did his parents to another store 2 hours ago?

4. She bought a red dress.
a. She didn´t bought a red dress
b. ¿did she bought a red dress

5. I sold my toys last Saturday.
a. I didn´t sold toys last Saturday
b. ¿ did I sold my toys last Saturday?

6. He talked to his friends.
a. He didn’t talked to his friends
b. ¿did he talked to his friends?

7. I ate chess yesterday evening.
a. I didn´t chess yesterday evening
b. ¿did I ate chess yesterday evening?

8. You stopped to buy water.
a. You didn´t stopped to buy water
b. ¿did you stopped to buy water?



They didn't buy ....
Did They buy...?

He didn't need to buy...
Did he need to buy...?

His parents didn't move to .....
Did his parents move...?

She didn't buy...// did she buy...?
I didn' sell ..../ did I sell...?
I didn't eat cheese ...// did I eat cheese...?
You didn't stop ...// did you stop ...?