she gets up at 600 am

he has a break fast

she does homeworkat home

she listen to music

he plays basketball

he walks in the park

hewake ups earli

he combshis hair

she gets in a taxi

he goes to school

she goes to her class

he plays class

she brushes her teeth

he get a dressedat 6:30 am

que necesitas hacer? o en que necesitas ayuda??
combertirlas en negativas y positivas
1) she does get up at 6 am ( positiva) she doesnt get up at 6 am (negativa) 2) he does have breakfast (positiva ) he doesnt have breakfast (negativa)


¡La mejor respuesta!
She gets up at 6:00 am - she doesn't gets up at 6:00 am
he has a breakfast - he doesn't has a breakfast
she does homework at home -   she doesn't do her homework at home 
she listens to music - she doesn't listen to music 
he plays basketball  - he doesn't plays  basketball 
he walks in the park - he doesn't walks in the park
 he wake up early - he doesnt wake up early
 he combs his hair -  he doesnt combs his hair 
she gets in a taxi - she doesnt get in a taxi 
he goes to school - he doesnt goes to school 
she goes to her class - she doesnt goes to her class
 he plays at class - he doesnt play at class 
she brushes her teeth - she doesnt brushes her teeth 
he get dressed at 6:30 am - he doesnt get dressed at 6:30