meeting the wo family

i really enjoy meeting new people and it's interesting to see that life in chinese

countryside is very different from life in the city

the wus are family of farmers and they live near shiping ba jiu and yu xian live with they children and grandchildren they son wen der is 30 years old hi is married and has two children a boy a and girl they youger son, wen bin is also married and has a daughter the wus always have a lot pf work todo, but they are happy and they enjoy living together

este es el texto que me dejaron ya lo traduje tengo que completar las frases no se que va

estas son las preguntas

there are_________ people in the wu family

yu xian is ba jius_____________

wen de and wen bin are___________

wen bin is yu xian's____________

wen bin's daughter is wens de's_________________

no has puestos los puntos, por eso no se si son ciudades o nombres
tampoco has escrito bn el texto
yu xian is ba jius?


1- seven
3- brothers
si lo hice mal porque copie rapido perdon pondre todo bien para la proxima
DIME QUE ES youger
perdon es younger
Dios mio, espero k para la proxima te fijes bn, se k el ingles es un poco complicado