1. put: what is time?
12:00_______________________ 8:00_______________________
2:55________________________ 3:15
2 draw your every routines (5 sentences)

3. write 5 sentences with(there is/there are



twelve  o´ clock
 eight o´ clock
two hours and fifty minutes
three hours and fifteen minutes
I get up at six o´clock.
I brush my teeth every day.
I eat my breakfast.
I go to my school every morning.
I go to bed at seven o´clock

There is 
There is a pen in the table.
There is a backpack in the sofa.
There is a pencil in the pecilcase.
There is a notebook in my bookcase.
There is some salt.
There are 
There are some apples.
there are a sneakers here.
There are some onions and tomatoes.
there are some grapes.
There are chocolate cookies over there.