I like sports
I live in Uruguay
I'm from Colombia
I'm writing
I love istening to music
I have friends
He has to do homework  (sin la S)
She has 2 sisters
I have 3 pars of shoes
I'm drinking a couple of coffee

I don't like using Computers
I don't have a facebook account
I don't use twitter
He doesn't like rock
She isn't as intelligent as he is
He doesn't like tea
It doesn't look like the teacher
We don't want to play soccer
I don't like Windows 8
They don't agree with me
My mother is not older than my father 

Are you oler that 22?
Is he intelligent?
Does she like sports?
Is it good for life?
Is the coffee hot?
Do you want some tea?
Are they going to the movies?
Is is new?
Is your motorcycle broken?
Does it work?