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El presente simple es un tiempo verbal del presente que se utiliza para hablar acerca de hechos o verdades generales que constituyen hábitos, horarios o programas, costumbres y rutinas de la vida cotidiana.

Aquí tienes 40 oraciones en presente simple afirmativo con tercera persona en singular

1.     -Denise does her homework.

2.     -Charlie does the dishes.

3.     -Mario does the laundy.

4.     -Katie does her house chores.

5.     -Brittany does enjoy reading.

6.     -Carter does like to swim.

7.     -Peter does his fitness routine.

8.     -Carlie does love singing.

9.     -Barry does practice karate.

10. -Lionel does a lot of things in his free time.

11. -Carmen does her own clothes.

12. -Kimberly does her aerobics every morning.

13. -Claudia does like to go out with her friends.

14. -Andrew does a good job fixing computers.

15. -Marie does a lots of extracurricular work.

16. -Angela does travel a lot.

17. -Pamela does love her pets.

18. -Samantha does hope things get better between her friends.

19. -Monica does like to give lectures.

20. -Erica does lots of skating in her free time.

21. -Tina does love helping stray dogs.

22. -Gabriel does have excellent cooking skills.

23. -Josh does have an impressive resume.

24. -Helen does a lot of crafts.

25. -Kevin does love candles.

26. -Jen does enjoy video games.

27. -David does deliver his projects on time.

28. -Glenn does protect his privacy.

29. -John does know how to make me laugh.

30. -Bob does hope he can make things easier for his mom.

31. -Ashley does love shopping.

32. -George does have talent.

33. -Michael does all this arragements by himself.

34. -Candice does enjoy her job.

35. -Richard does like to contribute with good causes.

36. -Valerie does all this things out of passion.

37. -Amy does put a lot of effort in her essay.

38. -Apu does work a lot.

39. -Albert does love his job.

40. -William does write amazing verses.