How many oranges are there? 
How many windows are there?
How many eggs are there?
How many apples are there? 
How many sinks are in the bathroom?

How much petrol do we need?
How much milk is there in chocolate?
How much do we have?
How much sugar is there ?
How much water is there? 
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Bueno te las explico y hago:

-How many Apples do you need?
-How many sneackers do you have?
-How many houses do you have?
-How many nights have you spent thinking of him?
-How many cakes are on the table?
-How many eyes do you have?
-How many tomatoes are in the cupboard?
-How many apples are in the freezer?

-How much is the cell-phone?
-How much is the cd?
-How much is the mp4?
-How much money have you been wasting on this?
-How many stitches did they use?
-How much hair do you have?
-How much water you need?
-How much sugar you need?

te dejo de cada una de ocho, espero te ayude