Alguien que me haga el favor de pasar las siguientes fraces en voz pasiva asi en ingles doy 10 puntos.
-they clean the new car weekly.
-she is painting her room now.
-he broke the jar yesterday.
-they will plan their.
-she has drunk a lot whisky during the week.
-he had prepared a delicious breakfast, before I woke up.
-I would finish the exercise,if someone asked me.

Por Favor La Necesito Rapido



Me puedes dar la estructura que te enseñaron
The new car is cleaned weekly [by them]
Her room is being painted now [by her]
The jar was broken yesterday [by him]
(Oración mal escrita)
A lot Whisky has been drunk during the week
A delicious breakfast had been prepared before i woke up
The exercise would be finished if someone asked me