1.She goes to the park 2.I read my book all day 3.The sky is blue 4.You write a letter 5.He buys a new car 6.Do you like this film? 7.He doesn’t sleep 8.I don’t understand the homework 9.They are interesting 10.My mother cooks pizza 11.I draw a picture 12.We investigate about animals 13.She likes the cinema 14.He plays soccer 15.They eat a donna 16.You drink coffee 17.I take a photo in the mountain 18.Does he swim? 19.Sometimes I go to the museum 20.Dou you like listen music? 21.I don’t ask anything 22.She sings in the concert 23.I win the coup 24.You smell the flower 25.They go to dance all day 26.I learn a new language 27.They build a new house 28.I don’t understand this exercise 29.We clean the garage 30.You break the paper 31.I teach maths 32.We speak a lot of languages 33.Birds can fly 34.I found my newspaper 35.Do you forget your homework? 36.Today I awake up later 37.I chose my dress to the party 38.She runs because she is later 39.They give my a present. 40.We look TV