buenas tardes me podrian ayudar con un dialogo que se realice entre cinco personas

que sea un poco largo es urgente para un trabajo de ingles por favoe. muchas gracias

coloca mas punto porque ya la estoy terminando o si no borro todo lo que he hecho y no te resuelvo nada
aja ya lo termine habla sobre el medio ambiente auenta los puntos o nada
esta bien no aumentes nada te lo regalo
pero ponm,e como mejor respuesta votame a 5 y agradecemelo


Te lo doy de 4
dad:oh guys i need your help to lift the boxes and bags out of the trunk
greg:no problem i will take the magazines
dad:ok that is everything i am just going to the gas station to get some gas
greg:ok lin you do the bottles and i will do the magazines
lin:oh no my beautiful magazines i do not want to throw them away
greg:we are not throwing them away  we are recycling them to help the environment anyway you can not take them back to canada
lin:yes that is true  ok so where do glass bottles go ?in the green bin?
greg:no that is for yard waste plant and stuff  the blue bins  is for glass metal paper and plastic
lin:ok hey after this can we go to the store to buy a magazine?i do not have any left