Por favor ayúdenme a pasar estas oraciones a voz pasiva - passive voice

The boy paints the ball.

Sam and Jean wrote a letter to their mom.
Luc has read the newspaper all the days
She had thrown the paper on the floor.
The dog drank water in the evening.

I will have studied languages
Gina cuts her hair on Monday.
They are listening to the new report.
We begin the art work for the class.

The teacher did a difficult activity.




The boy painted the ball
they wrote a letter to their mom
He reads the newspaper all the days
She throwed that paper on the floor
In the evening the dog drank his water
Will i have studied languages
She cutted her hair on monday
They are listening teh newa
The class has began with the art work
She did a difficult activity
Esta mal asi no es... passivo es diferente...
¡La mejor respuesta!
The balls are painted by the boy
the letter was wroten by Sam and Jean for their mom
the paper had thrwn on he floor by she
Esa del perro no se
The languages will be studied by me
the new report are listening by they
No se
the difficult activity was did by the teacher
Espero haberte ayudado...