Amigo te daré 10 oraciones ;)

-We haven't got any shirts in your size.
-There aren't any bottles of milk in the fridge.
-They don´t have any pears.
-There aren´t any oranges.
-There isn´t any chicken in the freezer.
-She doesn´t have any money.
-I didn’t see any birds.
-I haven’t got any money.
-I don’t have any problems.
- There aren't any chairs in this room.
-Any publicity is good publicity.
-I haven’t got any matches.
-We haven’t got any books.
-There isn’t any milk left.
- Do you have any idea?
-Have you got any shirts in my size?
-Are there any bottles of milk in the fridge?
-Is there any milk?
-Do you have any tomatoes?

Espero que te sirva:D