Are you going to go to the club?
Is she going to play tennis on saturday?
Is he going to go to the party?
Are you going to start english's classes ?
Is he going to go to the cinema ?
Are you going to go to the cimema? yes,im going to go No im not going to go to the cinema
Is she going to see a film? yes ,she is going to see a film No,she isn´t going to see a film 
Are they going to go to the hairdresser?yes they are going to go to the hairdresser No,they aren´t going to go o the hair dresser
Is he going to jump?yes,he´s going to jump No,he isn´t going to jump
Is she going to cook for her parents on Christmas?
Are you going to wait for Ana at the airport ?
Are you going to read the book for Biology?
Is she going to make her excersises for Maths?
Are you going to make your bed ?

No se me ocurren mas ahora, 
Cuanto contestas afirmativo es : yes, she is going to make her excersiis for Maths.
Si es negativo: no, she is no going to make her bed.

Asi es igual para TODO. es mecanico, pero no te olvides de poner yes y no cuando es afirmativo o negativo.
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