Can you bring me the book?
Can you draw a fish?
No i cant
Can you eat peanut butter?
No i cant i am allergic
Can you hand me that pencil?
This one?
Can you help me with my homework?
Of course, what subject?
Can you go away?
Can you drink your medicine please?
I dont like it
Can you pick that?
No! Whats that!?
Can you help me carrying this books?
Sorry they are to heavy for me
Can you stop doing that noise?
I am sorry i wont do it again
Espero te sirva :*
43 4 43
Can:poder o saber you :tu

1 can you play football?
no, i cant
2 can i swim?
yes i can
3 can you drive?
yes i can
4 can you cook?
no i cant
5 can you play?
no i cant 
6 can you read?
yes i can
7 can you dance?
yes i can
8 can you sleal?
no i cant
9 can you run?
yes i can
10 can you write?
no i cant

espero que te sirva :P
24 3 24