Regulars : 
 I decided not to stay there.
 I used to smoke when I was 19
I needed for yesterday. Now is late.

 The thief jumped the wall and scaped.
 She asked me how old i was..
 She admitted she was guilty for that.
 I contacted him by Skipe.
 My father finished/completed the race in 1 hour.
 I recognized his voice as soon as I heard him..
 The magazine published was successful

irregulars :
I was going to the cinema, when we had the accident.

We were bringing the dog to the vet, while you were drinking all the beer.

 I was feeding the cat and he was ...

 What were you doing last night at the brothel?

 I was just telling you what to do.

 We were speaking the two languages at the same time.
 We listened my neighbours were shaking the bed when the music went down.

 She was giving me all the answers just when the teacher came 

We were coming into the room when the lights turned off.

 Your daugther was not paying attention to me when I gave the results of her exam..