Miss Elisa that day had proposed a new challenge to his students: joy, and had done so in plan challenge of record. He had named them 'collectors' of joy, to see what has happened in order to cause the happiness of those around them. And although all made things really charming, this time Carla sympathies left all with their mouths open.
A few days after the commissioning of the Miss Elisa, Carla appeared carrying a large sack.

-Here to bring all the joy that I have raised these days - said smiling.

They were expectant, but the girl did not want to display the contents of the bag. Instead, he pulled out a small box, took an instant camera, and handed the box to the teacher.

-Open it, Miss Elisa.

The teacher slowly opened the box and looked inside, and a big smile drew on his face; at that time, Carla did a photograph. Then he handed her the photo and a role.
Teacher read the paper in silence, and when it ended, noted with gesture of surprise the great sack.

-So that's...
-Yes! -interrupted the girl, undoing the knot closing the bag - great lots of smiles!

And the bag fell hundreds of photos, all of them varied and beautiful smiles.
The rest of the class devoted it to explaining how Carla one had thought starting a chain to brighten up a little people: in the box only had a photo with a big smile, and all, to open it, felt the joy that they responded in turn with a smile, almost without wanting to and broadcast. Carla pulled them a photo with his own smile, and gave them a piece of paper where asked that they do the same with other people, and to send you a copy of the photographs to their home address.
And during those days and months, Carla mailbox did not fill with photos of the smiles of many grateful people, helping everyone to understand that the simple act of smiling is a gift for everyone.
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