I'm writing to suggest an idea which I have come up with - I'm thinking about throwing Mike a supraise birthday party!

It would take place on Sunday the 7th between 8pm and 10pm in our apartment (Baker Street 12). 

My brother would be truly delighted and would give a lot of energy! I know he wants a big party, but just doesn't have the time to organise it. 

I would suggest dividing tasks between us - person a could be in charge of drinks, person b of food, ect. Someone should keep Mike away while we prepare the apartment ! :)


Please contact me back ;)

Remember - it's a SUPRAISE party !


Hi Guys:


You know that Henry´s birthday is going to be next week. So I am planing to throw a Special Surprise Party. It is also going to be an after-party of Valentine´s dance. It is going to be at 7:00 at Blue River street, number #1542. Everybody should have on his costumes a black and/or white. Bring a some few snacks for everybody.



XOXO, Anna


P.D: Don´t come late