Me puede ayudar alquien?? Necesito que compruebe si he cometido algun error en la carta.

Hi Tom,

How are you doing? I hope you are fine. Sorry I haven't written for so long time becouse I was busy. I had to lern for the exam and I passet it thankfully.

I'm writting to invite you to holiday in London. We are going to look after pingwin in ZOO like real explorer. I think thats good idea. I can't wait to start!

You should take a flashlight, magnifier and camera becouse we going to look after other animals too. I'm sure you like it and it will be interesting holiday.

Oh, and another think.I'd be really grateful if you could tell me when you'll fly to London. When you land I'll pick you at the aiport if that's fine with you.

I must be going now.

See you soon.




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Becouse because

Lern learn

Passet passed

Invite to invite for

Thats that´s

I´m sure you will like it

Think thing

When you´re flying