1) Make questions.
a- No, I haven´t crossed the border.
b- I´ve been to Tucumán.
c- I stayed in a relative´s house.
d- I´ve traveled by car.
e- I went with my nephew and nice.
f- It was amazing.

2) Correct the mistakes.
a-Yesterday I´ve left school at 6.
b- She´ve never had an accident.
c- Where you been?
d- She didn´t sung in class.
e- We´s ridden a horse.



¡La mejor respuesta!
A-have you crossed the border? b-have you been in tucuman? c-have you stayed in a relatives house?d-how have you traveled?e-with who did you go with? f-how was it? 2-a-yesterday i left school at six. b-she has never had an accident. c-where have you been? d-she did'nt sing in class.e-we've had been riding a horse