Antonio Machado(1875-1939)
Spanish poet and prose writer, belonging to the literary movement known as the Generation of '98.Probably the poet of his time most read yet. Life Born in Seville and later livedin Madrid, where he studied. In 1893 he published his first prose writings, while its firstpoems appeared in 1901. He traveled to Paris in 1899, he again visited city in 1902, the year in whichmet Rubén Darío, which will be a great friend throughout his life. In Madrid, for these samemet dates Unamuno, Valle-Inclan, Juan Ramon Jimenez and other prominent writers withhe maintained a close friendship. He was a professor of French, and married Leonor Izquierdo,will die in 1912. In 1927 he was elected to the Royal Academy of the Spanish language.During the twenties and thirties wrote plays in the company of his brother, also a poet, Manuel,premiering several works among which Lola is going to ports 1929 and The DuchessBenamejí, 1931. At the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War was in Madrid. latermoved to Valencia and Barcelona, and in January 1939 he was exiled to the French village of Collioure,where he died in February.