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Strange noises:
There was something strange about Mr. Smith’s old house on the coast of Transilvanya. Many people thought that there was a ghost in the rooms on the east side. On windy nights people heard strange noises there. They thought it was a baby crying. But there wasn’t a baby in the house. For years many people tried to find the answer to the mystery.
Finally people said “Sell the house.” Mr Smith sold the house to Bill Gates.

But the strange noises continued. After some time, Mr. Gates said, “I think the noises come from the old apple tree next to the house. Its branches hit the east side of the house when there’s a strong wind”. He cut down the old apple tree.
But the stranges noises continued. “Move the house”, people said. Wooden houses are easy to move, and Mr. Gates was a rich man. He called in some workmen.
“Move the house to a new place, in Part street” he said.
While the workmen were moving the house, they found an old box under the floor. There was a child’s skeleton in the box. Many people said that the child’s ghost made the strange noises. “Rebury the child” they said. Mr Gates reburied the child.
But on windy nights the strange noises continued...
When Bill Gates died, his son Frank lived in the house. Frank didn’t belive in ghosts. Some time later there was a fire in the house. It burnt part of a room on the east side. Frank called in some workmen. “Repair the room” he said. While the workmen were repairing the room, they discovered something. In one of the chimney’s, they found a wind harp.
“The builders put the harp into the chimney to make music on windy days”, they told Frank. “now it’s old and instead of music, it makes a crying sound like a baby”.

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