¡La mejor respuesta!
1. John is easily working with his new tools.
2. I´m perfectly living in this big house.
3. Jacob has been urgently taken to the hospital.
4. My friend is sadly packing all her stuff to go back to her hometown.
5. A good walk in the morning is great to be healthy.
6. The pancakes are definitely made with flour and milk.
7. You can possibly resolve this mystery.
8.Donna can´t simply choose to leave me here and go out.
9. Hanna is happily cooking some cupcakes for you.
10. My grandma is constantly thinking of me.

puedes hacer con los verbosq terminan en LY. PERO la mayor parte de veeces el verbo siempre va primero q el adjetivo..solo en la poesia es como q normal o aceptado q pongas el adjetivo antes q el verbo...
Fuente(s):mi cerebro y el profe de ingles