Rellenar los espacios en blando utilizando should o shouldn´t más una de las siguientes frases:

be hard

read the instructions

work harder

wear jeans

go home

do with this salad

eat so much

1.Jessica's at school but the she thinks she's got flu. She .

2.I bought the bread this morning, so it .

3.Jim isn't doing very well in English. He .

4.Rebecca's go an interview next week. She .

5.I'll clear the table. What I ?

6.I have put on a lot of weight. Iknow I .

7.You don't know how to getthe messages from your mobile phone, do you ? You




1. She should go home.

2. shouln't be hard

3. He should work harder

4.She sholudn't wear jeans.

5. What sholud I do with this salad?

6. I shouldn't eat so much

7. You should read the instructions.