Formular las preguntas utilizando do o does

1.A:It's 8 o'clock. Come on!

B:we/go to the party/?

2.A:She's a bit nervous about her new job.


3.A:It's quite a long race.

B:How far/you/run/?

4.A:Yes, you can renew your passport here.

B:I/fill in/a from/?

5.A:You can reserve a seat on the train, if you like.


6.A:The waiters look tired

B:they/work/long hours/?

7.A:She won't bo home till about 10 o'clock.

B:she/work/late/every night/?

8.A:I like studying the guitar.


9.A:OK,we'll go to the cinema this evening.





1. Do we go to the party?

2. When does she start?

3. How far do you run?

4. Do I fill in a from?

5. Do we pay extra?

6. Do they work long hours?

7. Does she work late every night?

8. Do you take exams?

9. Do we book tickets?