Hi! its a long time that i dont see you! how are you!?
Yes! i know! im very well & you?
im good i keep practicing sport!
oh! really? i havent the time for that because now i care for my lil brothers& how is your mom? why she cant care for them?
my mom is too occupied so... i have to care for them
im sorry, but you love them!
yes i do! but sometimes i want to have time for me 
i know that i'll find the time for you 
yes thanks! Are your dad working, right?
No, he doesnt keep working
because he was fired 
And how is your mom?
she is good, shes going to work right now
oh! thats good
Do you ever notice that now the womans are working and the man isn?
yes! is the same to me and some friends
for me is weard, you know, before was diferent
yes but i thing that this shows that all we are equal 
i know thats great! 
Did you see how was Jenny tired the last year?
yes! Do you know why?
Yes, she was studying in the whole day for the exam to the high school
oh! i hope she stay where she want
Hey! i have a crazy idea!
oh! tell me
Do you want to go swimming?
im cant i have to show to my little brother the new toy & if i dont show them the toy they would hit me haha
haha yes i knew them
well i have to go to my house
ok i hope see you lone more time
i hope too
well... bye bye!
take care!